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You and The Thing You Love - still #1
You and The Thing You Love - still #2
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You and The Thing You Love

World Premiere

Director: Nicholas Maher

United States, 2020, 12 min

Shooting Format:stop motion, RED, Canon, ARRI

Festival Year:2021

Category:Documentary Short

Genres:Drama, Documentary

Cast:Nick Mullins

Crew:Producers: Nicholas Maher, Cliff Ewert, Andi Hedrick. Colorist: Sal Maltifano; Visual FX: Anj Puglise; Editor: Nicholas Maher; Music: Nicholas Maher, David Vaughn; Title Design: Jaclyn Caris; Audio Mix: Tim Kelley


A teenage Midwest skate punk on the verge of going pro has a freak accident and wakes up blind. This is a story of pain, grit, fight, uncertainty, fear, desperation, and most importantly — love. Shot by 2 strangers on weekends across 3 states over 2 years. Here is the struggle of losing your everything, and the fight to get it back.

About the director

Most days you can find Nicholas with some type of camera in his hands, in an edit bay, or doodling on his piano. A music student turned director & editor, his weight is on finding the right place and time for a moment, while challenging the way we view storytelling. Home for now is Chicago where he lives with his dog.

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