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Last shot

World Premiere

Director: Jihyun Yu

Korea, 2021, 5 min

Shooting Format:Digital, HD

Festival Year:2021


Crew:Writer: Jihyun Yu. Producer: Jihyun Yu. modeling: Ji Hyun Yu; rigging: Jihyun Yu; animating: Jihyun Yu; cfx: Jihyun Yu; lighting: Ji Hyun Yu


A photographer tired of having repetitive daily life and a ghost waiting for his son.
The photographer discovers a ghost through a camera. The ghost now thinks that if his son comes, he would be able to take the pictures, but the terrified photographer faints. Someone walks in and opens the door when a ghost is confused from an unexpected situation.

About the director

1997 Born in seoul, South Korea.
2016 ~ Studying at Hongik University of film and animation
2021 Graduated from Hongik University of film and animation

Filmmaker's note

Last shot(2021)_Director

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