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Director: Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma

United States, 2020, 11 min

Festival Year:2021


Genres:Drama, Fantasy

Crew:Animation: Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma


An emotionally haunting and visually beautiful experience, 'Ciervo' tells the story of a young girl who holds violence, submission, and independence in an uneasy balance as one morphs into the other.


About the director

Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma was born and raised in New York City, where she found a love for art and storytelling despite coming from a family of scientists and lawyers. Pilar's passion for art led her to attend Laguardia High School of the Arts in New York and eventually to earning her BFA in Animation at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. While Pilar loves to talk, she has always found it easier to express her emotions and feelings through visual mediums, making her work take on a very intimate and emotional quality. Her work as a whole ranges from fiction and fantastical to poetic and metaphorical, and often deals with memory and human interaction paired with themes of womanhood, family, and the natural world.


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