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An Invitation

NY Premiere

Directors: Yeung Tung and Hao Zhao

China, 2021, 13 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2022

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Jim Ping Hei, Yu Xuan Liu

Crew:Writers: Yeung Tung, Hao Zhao. Producers: Xuli Cao, Hao Zhao, Yeung Tung.


An 8-year-old boy reluctantly visits his divorced father in Hong Kong, who wants him to become a Hong Kong citizen. They both keep secretive intentions and find it difficult to ask what they want from each other.


About the directors

Yeung Tung - Yeung Tung is a Chinese director/writer currently studying at NYU Tisch for Graduate film MFA. Yeung directed multiple theatres works with Red Star Theatre Club at Boston University as well as Wuming Theatre Club at MIT.

Fang Ke/ An Invitation (2020) is an original script written by Yeung which he directed and produced in Summer 2019. This film is also in the 74th Cannes Semaine De La Critique's official selection.


Hao Zhao - ZHAO Hao is a Chinese director/screenwriter/DP. Graduating from NYU, Hao has been developing feature film scripts, while making short films. His short Fang Ke (2021) premiered at the 60th SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUE. Yi Shi Yi Ke (Now.Here) is his latest short. His feature script based on the same characters from Yi Shi Yi Ke, was an official selection of the 2020 Shanghai International Film Festival Film Market section.


Filmmakers' note

This story has been brewing in us ever since an unexpected summer trip shaped our lives for good. The conversation about the divorce that occurred in the story never did happen in real life. So in a way it’s about asking an unanswerable question. It needs to be asked. It doesn’t have to be answered. It can’t be.

An Invitation is personal but not biographical. And we are privileged to witness a story between a father and a son taking shape in the most simple form: a boy longing for his father, and his father wanting him.

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