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Threads of Desire

(Trame di desiderio)

Director: Bianca Di Marco

Italy, 2021, 9 min

Shooting Format:16mm

Festival Year:2022

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Lisa Corinna Raffl, Leo Mantovani, Dario Nipoti, Sandro Stefanini

Crew:Writer: Bianca Di Marco. Producers: Tara Sheffer, Bianca Di Marco. Cinematographer and Editor: Juan Pablo Daranas Molina


A farmer's monotonous life in the Italian countryside is unsettled after she steals an elegant dress.

About the director

Bianca is an Italian filmmaker born in NYC and raised in Italy. Bianca holds a BA in Film Studies from King’s College London, and worked as a commercial producer all over Europe, with directors like Nabil and Guy Ritchie.

Bianca is currently a fourth-year student at NYU’s Graduate Film Program. Her short film THREADS OF DESIRE received a Graduate King & Wasserman award and was selected as one of the best shorts of the year by Italy’s National Short Film Center.

Bianca is also a recipient of the Steven J. Ross Fellowship and was selected for the Marcie Bloom Fellowship in 2021, in association with Sony Pictures Classics. Bianca recently wrapped production on her first feature film as a producer, DOMESTIC ANIMALS.

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Filmmaker's note

Threads of Desire tells the story of Bettina, a lonely and overlooked farmer who steals an elegant dress from town. Riddled with guilt, Bettina must choose between following her conscience or her fantasies of owning a beautiful gown.

This film is dedicated to my grandmother, who spent the better part of her youth working as a farmer in northern Italy. Her life was burdened not only by the hardships of manual labor but also by having to tend to the needs of the men in her family. Like Bettina, the protagonist in Threads of Desire, my grandmother had nothing left for herself, and no moment to feel beautiful.

For years my grandmother dreamed of owning beautiful things and having a simpler life, unburdened by the farmer’s duties, and by an existence based around the needs and wants of men.

My grandmother’s story has a happy ending. She now lives at the age of 90 in a big house she built with her hard-earned money, and with closets bursting with velvets, silks, and beautiful embroidered clothing.

Every time I go visit her we spend time rummaging through her closets, sharing memories, trying on clothes, and enjoying the simple pleasure of feeling beautiful.

I hope you enjoy spending time in the world of Threads of Desire.

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