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Premium Pornography

US Premiere

Director: Simon Ruscinski

Canada, 2021, 13 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2022

Category:Narrative Short


Cast:Max Ruscinski

Crew:Writer: Simon Ruscinski. Producer: Gabby Tomlinson.


Edgar Lewis is in trouble. He’s a Catholic school boy, trying to understand his own budding sexuality, but he is caught masturbating in class and is promptly expelled. After a month of intense reflection, Edgar creates a multimedia presentation to prove to the school board that he’s mentally and physically fit to return to school.


About the director

Simon Ruscinski is a Toronto-based filmmaker. His fictional and non-fictional works currently operate as filmic time capsules; formally and thematically striving to make the pain of everyday life serve some higher purpose. His short film Urban Planning won Best Screenplay and the People’s Choice Award at the Future of Film Showcase 2020 and is currently streaming on CBC Gem. Inspired by the works of Don Hertzfeldt, Peter Greenaway, and Jonas Mekas, he hopes to continue exploring the modern world with a sense of humour. Ruscinski is a graduate of York University’s BFA in Film Production.

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