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A Bob's life

(Une vie de Bob)
World Premiere

Director: Caroline Hallier

France, 2022, 5 min

Shooting Format:Digital 4K

Festival Year:2022


Genres:Drama, Fantastic

Crew:Writer: Caroline Hallier. Producer: Caroline Hallier. Steadicam: Joaquin Munoz; Audio mix: Ivan Gariel


Women and men surround themselves with animals; they watch them grow, age, die. The twelve strokes of midnight sound. Memories come alive during a dance, to the notes of Camille Saint-Saëns.


About the director

After a detour in the business world, Caroline decides to return to her initial life project: writing and directing films. In 2021, she resigns, acquires video equipment, and creates her company Nikolina Films to produce her first films. At the same time, she practices other artistic disciplines (plastic arts, music, acting) which directly feed her audiovisual work.

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Filmmaker's note

Keep walking towards the bottom of the rainbow.

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