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Just Right

Director: Camille Wormser

United States, 2022, 16 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2023

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Camille Wormser, Jake Dvorksy, Sydney Heller, Adam Turney, Lukas Ferreira

Crew:Writer: Camille Wormser. Producers: Tyler Michael James, Drue Robertson, Hunter Milano, Julia Nelson.


After having a striking dream where she’s running down the street in a duck costume, Mel wakes up feeling compelled to do something new with her day. Her roommate Kyle is going out with friends, and Mel wants to join. Kyle, skeptical because Mel usually must follow her routines, tells her she has to meet him by 1pm or he’ll leave without her. Mel technically has plenty of time, but as she starts to get ready her OCD makes every decision feel like life or death, setting her on an absurd race against the clock.


About the director

Camille has known she wanted to make comedies since she was in the second grade when she made her parents laugh while doing an impression of them divorcing. Some previous work includes BEFORE I GOT FAMOUS (Peacock) and CLOWN (Amazon). She has always loved making people laugh in the most difficult moments and telling stories about feeling alone in the world, while over-thinking what the word “alone” even means. One of her dreams in life is to create more nuanced portrayals of being neurodivergent in female roles. She is now adapting her short film JUST RIGHT into a feature, which she wrote, directed and starred in.


Filmmaker's note

Most people have been taught that OCD is just about being clean and organized, but as someone who has been diagnosed with severe OCD and is the messiest person I know, I can attest that this is not always the case. OCD can take over your life to the point where you can barely move an inch. And if you do move an inch, you risk everyone you love dying. And to me that’s funny. Living in a world where saying “hey” instead of ”hello” can cause your dog to die is a tough pill to swallow (but pills do help). As a neurodivergent comedian, I have seen firsthand how comedy has helped me and others cope in life. I want to change the way we portray disability through creating warm offbeat female roles that are neurodivergent. I want to break the stigma around mental health because I feel that there is humor in, what at times is, the most challenging part of ourselves.

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