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He Can Sleep On The Couch

Director: Ahinoam Capon

Israel, 2021, 21 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2023

Category:Narrative Short

Genres:Comedy, Romance

Cast:Ahinoam Capon, Ouri Zait, Ran Kaplan

Crew:Writer: Ahinoam Capon. Producer: Yuli Shiloach.


What is the difference between a writer and a housewife? How can you write a novel when you feel suffocated by love? A young woman living in her own Garden of Eden with her boyfriend in Jerusalem has taken a vow not to leave their apartment until she finishes her novel. But her narrative is disrupted by the arrival of her boyfriend’s famous brother. Told in a personal voice-over, we follow the writer as she makes choices between the familiar home and the unknown world outside.


About the director

Born in 1996. Filmmaker, writer, and actress.

Graduated with honor from the screenwriting program in Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School, 2019.

Her debut short film, “He Can Sleep on the Couch“ (2021), premiered at Jerusalem Film Festival and won a special mention: Best Live Action Short Film.

Currently developing her short film for a TV series, and working on a Feature film.

Filmmaker's note

The film was produced independently during the Covid pandemic, with maximum intimacy - me (the director) and my partner played the couple, the location is our real apartment, and most of the small crew lived within the mileage limits (when we were still dealing with traffic restrictions).
The film made its Israeli debut at the Jerusalem Film Festival and received a special mention, for “liberated directing, script and acting, with an entertaining and captivating tone.“

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