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Endless Sea

Director: Sam Shainberg

United States, 2022, 18 min

Festival Year:2023

Category:Narrative Short

WINNER: Best Actor Female

Cast:Brenda Cullerton

Crew:Writer: Sam Shainberg. Producer: Rachel Walden.


Carol, 70, begins a normal day only to find out that her heart medication has doubled in price. Afraid, but not without hope, she sets out to find a solution. She goes to work, tries to borrow from family and friends, even attempts a desperate appeal to the Social Security Administration, only too in the end be forced into a desperate act of revolution.

About the director

Sam Shainberg grew up in New York and continues to call the city home. After college he did a stint in Mali, West Africa, as a video journalist while simultaneously trying to make a feature there. In the recent past he has directed the TV Pilot, "Chillin Island," for Elara Films, the company's first television offering. As well as writing a number of Screenplays. Sam is currently in the process of producing a number of other projects that span the feature documentary, feature film and short film spaces.


Filmmaker's note

Endless Sea was born of an experience of mine. I saw a woman in my neighborhood, in a similar situation to Carol's in the film. The woman, who prefers not to be named, made off with her medicine and even though she was caught remained defiant, fiery and did so with a profound revolutionary spirit. Seeing this moment and bearing witness to this woman's character left an indelible impression on me and from there the film was born.

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