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Eat It

US Premiere

Director: Katie Lambert

United Kingdom, United States, 2022, 10 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2023

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Shannon Woodward

Crew:Writer: Katie Lambert. Producers: Martha McGuirk, Robert H Dyar Jr.


“Eat it” is a gut busting comedy with heartbreak and cherry pie at its core. Starring Raising Hope’s Shannon Woodward and based on the short story by John Jodzio, its about competitive eating and the things we do to fill the void when we’ve been dumped. Break ups are hard to swallow.


About the director

Katie Lambert is one half of MrMr, a London based production company producing music videos and commercials globally. MrMr have collectively produced over 150 music videos for Pink, Dua Lipa, Prince, Harry Styles and The Weeknd to name but a few. “Eat It” is MrMr’s 1st film, and concerns a woman doing gross things and going through big feelings. These are the things we care about.


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