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Jared & Daughter

Director: Darin Quan

United States, 2022, 20 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2023

Category:Narrative Short

Genres:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Cast:Kim Wuan, Vincent Chan, Wayne Chang, Camara McLaughlin, Ralph Adriel Johnson, Alanah Rafferty, Emily Menez

Crew:Writers: Darin Michael Quan, Emily Menez. Producers: Alanah Rafferty, Emily Menez, Darin Quan. Cinematographer: Darin Quan; Editor: James Morrison, Darin Michael Quan


When an aging table wiper faces a grim diagnosis, his underappreciated daughter must step forward to save the family business.


About the director

Darin Quan is an Asian American director originally from California, transplanted to Brooklyn in 2007.A multi-disciplinary creative working as a composer, editor, animator, director and cinematographer, his work includes the Sundance 2018 web series The Adulterers (Director and DP), the time traveling cruise ship movie Same Boat (DP), the time traveling sci-fi thriller Diverge (DP), and the 2011 indie horror film The Innkeepers (truck driver). His commercial directing work includes projects for Google, Chase, Subaru, Nerf, Nespresso, and Nike.An accomplished guitarist, with a deep background in jazz, blues, rock and country (sometimes), he plays guitar in the NY band Backyard Soul as well as producing his own upcoming album of original works.

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Filmmaker's note

This short was a labor of love, born out of a year-long pandemic writing session between myself and Emily Menez. As writers, Emily and I wanted to create something funny and honest that reflected our experiences of growing up with an Asian parent. We also had a head full of ideas that people often disregarded as “weird.” So we put it all together and created a world where table wiping is a viable business plan and cat-faced stains are a common occurrence, and grounded it in a story about a family trying to make sense of their next steps in life. As ridiculous as it may seem, at its core this film is about family and finding your own way, however imperfect or weird. I hope you enjoy “Jared and Daughter“!

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