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Stages of Lost Freedom

Director: Kamran Rosen

United States, 2022, 8 min

Shooting Format:Digital Animation

Festival Year:2023


Genres:Social justice, Incarceration

Cast:Derek Livingston

Crew:Writers: Kamran S Rosen, Derek Livingston. Producer: Kamran Rosen. Animators: Santiago Perez, Gonzalo Sepulveda, Crystal Tai, Ryan Kostopoulos, Alex Ezorsky, Asher Fai; Sound Designers: Andrew Holzberger, Matthew Ericson; Editors: Alex Ezorsky


Derek 'Dice' Livingston was incarcerated for nearly two decades , during which time he kept a journal of his thoughts. Mirroring the stages of loss—denial, depression, bargaining, anger, and acceptance— this animation uses Dice's own words and narration to show the emotional journey of losing one's identity to long term incarceration, with each entry brought to life by a different animator.


About the director

Kamran Rosen is an Iranian American filmmaker living in New York City. Kamran has worked with incarcerated individuals applying for parole release in both California and New York for over 5 years and believes in the power of personal voice and agency to help restore one's individual sense of identity.


Filmmaker's note

I believe storytelling has the power to give narrative agency back to those who have had it taken from them.

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