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Human Phantoms

Director: Xiao Ma

China, 2022, 3 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2023


Genres:Fantastic, Documentary

Crew:Writer: Xiao Ma.


This is a time of disorder and isolation. Wars, Pandemic, Protests and suppressions. The world is splitting up and the society is falling apart, people are dividing from each other. Everything is messing with human's inner being, attacking their mentality and consciousness, their memory and visual starts to make turbulence. This is the visual of a virus who transfers from human to human, this virus sees through humans, feels what they feel, remembers what they remember, everything is phantoms in their mind. The virus eventually get overloaded by all these sensory stimuli and it exploded inside the person's mind, the person it's in thus get infected.

About the director

Xiao Ma is born in Yunnan, China, he started editing documentary film in 2017 and beginning to direct docs, music videos and commercials in 2020. His work “Encore“ was selected by MIFW in China in 2021 and won LAFA “Honorable Mention“ in 2023.


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