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NY Premiere

Director: Maclovia Martel

United States, Netherlands, 2022, 11 min

Shooting Format:4K

Festival Year:2023

Category:Documentary Short


Cast:Alexander Stukenburg, An Huitzing

Crew:Writer: Maclovia Martel. Producer: Michael Potter and Margaret McCarthy


A visual Journey of remembrance in Amsterdam.

About the director

Maclovia Martel is an LA based, writer, song writer, documentarian. Trained at Otis College of Art she earned her BFA and became a Fine Artist and Sculpture. Using all she encompassed through short films in school, Music and her Fine art background she began making documentaries and writing. Her First, A Girl From Mexico (Documentary film), Played at the Prestigious Lincoln Center and nominated the best dance documentary 2013. Grow (documentary 2018), the story of a community garden and how they support and care for the people in the community. The Digital Nomad and the Scientist, A film about the first steps into living and working in space. Her Latest, Tracks-Stumbling Stones Amsterdam, is a Documentary remembering those who were murdered in the Holocaust by a Local artist, Alexander Stukenburg.

Screenplays: My Garden, Wonderstruck Motor-Town and Elvis Sweat are her latest Screenplays. My Garden Won Best Screenplay at the Austin Spotlight Film Festival in 2020,this story is about a woman seeking connection and comfort in a person we would have never have expected to bring her out of depression, and show her what life is really about.

Filmmaker's note

“Tracks: Stumbling Stones Amsterdam“ is a visually stunning journey, short documentary exploring the laying of “Stolpersteine” memorial stones honoring Holocaust victims, installed in front of the homes along the central canals in Amsterdam. A central theme of this film is the power and importance of remembrance. In the Jewish tradition, as long as a person is remembered they continue to live.

The central canal area of Amsterdam is recognized as one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the world. Even in times of joy and celebration we are urged to momentarily acknowledge tragedy in both the past and the present. These stones serve to provide a small tear of sorrow next to the grand and historic architecture of the canals.

This film encourages us to recall the neighbors, friends, grandparents, mothers, fathers, children and babies who were the victims of hate and intolerance. The film is a visually gorgeous, poetic and uplifting meditation on art, encounter and remembrance.

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