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World Premiere

Director: Alex Andre

United States, 2023, 107 min

Festival Year:2023

Category:Narrative Feature

WINNER: Spirit Award

Cast:Joshua Burge, Chloé Groussard

Crew:Writer: Alex Andre. Producers: Alex Andre, Jordyn Barber.


Eli (Joshua Burge), a troubled insomniac encounters Joelle (Chloé Groussard), an enigmatic French tourist in Central Park. The two set off on a sleepless New York adventure as the city casts a shadow over them.

About the director

Alex Andre is a Director, DP, Writer & Producer based in Los Angeles. His short film “SADA” (2022) has won 12 awards and received Official Selection in over 20 festivals worldwide. His upcoming feature film debut “PRATFALL” stars JOSHUA BURGE (“Relaxer”, “Buzzard”, “The Revenant” & “20th Century Women”). Andre also has producing credits on Alison Bagnall's “FUNNY BUNNY” and Erin Li's “KEPLER X47”.

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