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Once upon a fact...

Director: Vincent Scalera

France, 2022, 5 min

Shooting Format:Animation

Festival Year:2023


Cast:Lea Camilleri, vincent Scalera

Crew:Writer: vincent Scalera. Producer: vincent Scalera.


Who says princesses have to be saved?! Who says prince have to save the princesses?

About the director

If you ask Vincent Scalera, aka Vinz, he would say that he grew up in Boston alongside Ben Affleck and Wesley Snipe. But no, and rumours say he grew up in Voiron, a suburb of Grenoble in France. From 2009 to 2015 Vincent Scalera stars in several TV shows and films. But, From 2016 to 2017, he decided to create, produce, direct and play the hero of the TV show “En Fait..“, which quickly became a big success (+ 51 millions views on his Youtube channel!)

He continues with as a director of his own autobiography in which appears JCVD (You can see this video on his Youtube channel).

Then between two film writings (Yes!!! Vinz also writes films, one of which should see the light of day in 2023), he has fun directing an episode of the season 2 of « True Story » for Amazon prime video and Warner TV.

In 2018, He played François Civil’s brother on the film “deux moi“ by Cédric Klapisch. In 2020, with his acolytes, Vincent produced and played one of the first roles in the great series “Brother“ alongside Jeremy Nadeau. In September 2020, Vincent continues to surprise his mother by playing the role of Inspector Colbert in the Netflix movie “The Last Mercenary » with JCVD. In 2022 he performed as Kevin, The serial killer of the film 38.5 quai de Orfèvres “ grand jury prize at « festival de L'Alpes D'huez ! »

And in the meantime he decide to realize his childhood dream: write, direct and play in his own cartoon « Once upon in fact »


Filmmaker's note

The idea of « Once upon in fact » came from a thought that I had for many years...

Who created this rule that men had to be the « saviours » and women « needed to be saved » ?

I think that especially today, in our societies we have to learn how to accept who we are and be able to make our own choices for our life.

As a father of a 12 years old girl I was sick of showing her movies showing a poor little princess desperately waiting for an amazing and strong and beautiful prince to save them.

I wanted her to know that she can save herself, that she can save other and that nothing is impossible if she decides to achieve it.

What if cinderella had water retention and her foot didn’t fit in the shoe ? Would the prince still recognize her beauty ?

What if the sleeping beauty just wanted to sleep for a very long time after a big night out ?

With this film, I want to change the way we look at prince and princess’s stories.

With this film I want to change the fact that there is only one way of being, depending on the fact that we are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman.

You can as a man be strong, fearless or you can be weak and afraid and still be a great human being.

And you can as a woman be a princess wishing for a prince to be « happy ever after » or you can be a princess wishing for a life of independence and happiness counting only on yourself.

But the only thing that matters is being you, with your strength and weaknesses. Because if you don’t the only thing that you’ll be for sure is unhappy.

Vincent Scalera.

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