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Little t

Director: Masha Ellsworth

United States, 2023, 6 min

Shooting Format:3D

Festival Year:2023


Cast:Fran Kalal, Meredith Hom, Seraphina Tong, Britta Wilson, Freeson Wang

Crew:Writer: Masha Ellsworth. Producer: Masha Ellsworth. Additional Scratch: Rui Tong, Rich Hurrey, Alex PImwong, Wendy Chen; Edit: Diana Flores, Michelle Sahlin, Libby Blood, Kathy Riggold, Vivian Morgowicz, Freeson Wang; Story: Alex Pimwong, Max Rodriguez, Jake Kaplan; Production Design: Arisa Nakahara, Masha Ellsworth, Sarah Shen, Torey Butner; Art Direction: Maria Lee, Anthony Cristov, Mykola Martynenko, Rui Tong, Craig Foster; Title Design: Jenny Horn; Supervising Technical Director: Masha Ellsworth; Global Technology Supervisor: Wendy Chen; Director of Photography LIghting: Airton Dittz; Director of Photography Layout: Philip Graham; Additional Layout: Matt Wilkinson; Animation: Brandon Montell, Ada Pyszkiewicz, Nicholas De Lotto, Masha Ellsworth, Max Rodriguez, Kevin Andrus, Kelly Juarez Hernandez, Daniel Gonzales; Character Modeling/Rigging : Jared Fong, Tanja Krampfert, Brittany Mcgrath, Glory Jo, Jessica Psy Delacy, Kyle Roldan, David Strick; Character Shade/Paint/Groom: Hailey Yoon, Haley Kannall, Lisa Durand, Jilliene Tongson Paras, Chuck Waite; Tailoring and Simulation: Uma Havaligi, Aimei Kutt, Sara Ferdousi; Sets Modeling/Dressing/Shading: joseph sue Suen, Glory Jo, Raymond Wong, Frank Tai, Kimberly Li, Peter Roe, Alec Bartsch, Yaa-Lirng Tu; Composer: Jennifer Rowekamp; Sound Designer: Adrian Maruri; sound engineer/score mixing: Vince Caro; Post Production Supervisor: Cassandra Rodriguez; Grading: Susan Brunig; Mastering: Cristopher Knight, Robin Leigh; Additional Production: Liz Gazzano, Gerisa Macale; PR and Marketing supervisor: Rebecca Nisco; Cellist: Miriam Perkoff; Violinist: Shauna Revelli; Clarinetist: Marcelo Meira; Flutist: Susanne Rublein; Guitarist: Andrew Simmons; Bassist: Alec Bartsch


Follow Alexis on the biggest day of her life - her dream job interview as an interior designer. She's armed with an impressive resume, design portfolio, and two trusted companions: her “inner critic“ and “inner child.“ Join Alexis on a journey through the origins of comfort food, as she uncovers new depths to herself and her abilities, and finds the courage to showcase her potential in the interview. Can Alexis overcome obstacles and land her dream job?


About the director

Masha is a lead technical director at Pixar, with extensive experience in the characters department. She began as a “Ratatouille“ intern in 2007, working on lighting and sets, and has since contributed to numerous Pixar feature films. Masha is from northern Ukraine, and holds a dual degree in Computer Science and Visual Art from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. “Little t“ is her directorial debut and part of Pixar's co-op program.


Filmmaker's note

A few years ago I was hitting a career plateau and looking for a new challenge, only to find myself doubting every idea I came up with, and being worried about failing at everything. I couldn’t shake off that paralyzing feeling, until one day I read a message in a fortune cookie, from a local fast food joint, that said “Silence the critic within.” I’ve heard about this “inner critic” character before; and finally realizing why I felt stuck, I jumped head deep into learning where this “inner critic” came from, why I got it, and lastly, how to “silence” it. At the end of my research journey, it only felt right to share what I have found through film. “Little t” short film became the challenge I was longing for.

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