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Copyright Infringement

World Premiere

Director: David Sabshon

United States, 2022, 105 min

Shooting Format:Digital, mixed media, 4K

Festival Year:2023

Category:Documentary Feature

Genres:Social Media, Art, Documentary, Business, Women's interest

WINNER: Audience Award

Cast:CJ Hendry, Elsa Picone, Lewis Cook, Doug Woodham, Magnus Resch, Nikki Tyson, Pamela Hendry, Rob Hendry, Judy Hendry, Melinda Ashton Turner, Elyse Goyen

Crew:Frank Spadafora (Producer), David Sabshon (Director), William Hart (Editor) , Kathryn Porter (Post Producer), Stefan Nachmann (DP), Alicia Di Scipio (Music Supervisor) Julia Piker (Composer)


This film is the first feature film of D'Marie Productions. Contemporary Artist, CJ Hendry, creates a global scavenger hunt for her artwork in her annual exhibition, Copyright Infringement. The film explores the law of copyright infringement, social media's effect on the art world, and the value systems of the contemporary art market.


About the director

David Sabshon is New York City born and raised director with a deep passion for storytelling and pop-culture. Sabshon approaches his work with the belief that stories hold limitless potential to empower; They are our greatest tool to meaningfully engage audiences and develop emotional investments that become personal. He has worked with notable industry disruptors, including: Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Zendaya, Jennifer Hudson, LeBron James and more to create impactful cultural moments. Copyright Infringement is Sabshon’s feature directorial debut. He lives in Brooklyn with his husband, Kevin, and their dog, Cooper.


Filmmaker's note

From Producer, Frank Spadafora: Copyright Infringement is the first feature film project of D'Marie Productions. I myself participated as a runner during the very first Copyright in 2019 and by the time the exhibition reached its third year I decided to DM Cj on Instagram with a pitch for my vision of the film. She responded that night with, ‘yes. done’ and we were off from there. It’s a uniquely perfect story for us to tell because it explores the impact of social media on the distribution of artwork and the value systems of the contemporary art market. All elements that align with the D'Marie ethos, and the interests of our team members. Cj’s career and path to success as an Artist is defiant of the establishment and status quo. What can I say, I love a rebel story. I was incredibly honored to work closely with my team including; David Sabshon (Director), William Hart (Editor), Kathryn Porter (Post Producer) and Stefan Nachmann (Director of Photography) who all brought their A-game to this project.

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