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Close Distance

Director: Colleen Vandenberg

United States, 2023, 4 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2023


Cast:Colleen Vandenberg

Crew:Writer: Colleen Vandenberg. Producer: Colleen Vandenberg. Musical Score: Ryan Van Ert


“Close Distance“ explores the metaphoric connection between black holes in outer space and romantic love. So much is unknown about black holes. Things like how they form and what happens when the threshold of an event horizon is crossed remain a mystery. But we do know that the force, energy, and momentum of black holes are inescapable and transformative. Falling in love has an unavoidable gravity much like that of an event horizon. Unpredictable and powerful, how it changes a person is an enigma.


About the director

Colleen Vandenberg is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. After earning her MFA from Columbia College Chicago, she began teaching art and photography at underserved schools on Chicago's South Side. From there, she began teaching at suburban art leagues, community colleges, online schools, and universities. Her experimental filmmaking practice blends simple narrative structures and complex metaphors. She combines digital and analog processes to create a visual that is both familiar and otherworldly.


Filmmaker's note

“Close Distance” is based on a NASA article discussing twin black holes, and their long journey towards one another. This experimental short film aims to personify the black holes through the lens of a happily married couple… but more specifically, through the lens of a widow who lost her husband early in their marriage. A powerful musical score, a simplistic voiceover, historical photographs, and original video sequences that mimic scenes from outer space work together to weave a bond between us and celestial bodies.

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