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Dinosaur School

Director: Dana Leigh Snyder

United States, 2022, 5 min

Festival Year:2023


When a new student comes to Dinosaur School, he doesn't look or act like all the others. It isn't long before this new student finds friends.
From the minds and hands of 5 year olds, 'Dinosaur School' is a story written, acted and illustrated by Urban Wildlife Arts "Animated Storytelling" class.

About the director

Dana Leigh Snyder (Nora 6592) is an American performing artist located in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Sacramento, she earned her BA in Dance and experimental Theatre from UC Davis, and an MFA from The Actor’s Studio at the New School, NYC. She holds teaching residencies throughout NYC, is the Director of Drama for SLDTA, and in 2015, started her own children’s performing program called Urban Wildlife Arts. Her live and digital pieces focus predominantly on egalitarian animal themes, utilizing various types of physical and experimental theatre, dance, animation, children's books, and poetry.


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