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Director: Jason Farrand

United States, 2022, 11 min

Festival Year:2023


BLOCK-D tells the parallel stories of two teen students, Ramone and Annabelle, each fighting against their physical manifestations of depression. Ramone fights a dark and imposing “THING” that only he is aware of, while Annabelle struggles with a THING of her own – a girl, unseen by others, who mocks her constantly and won’t leave her alone.

About the director

Writer / Director Jason Farrand is a 20 year veteran of the advertising industry having directed award winning, memorable campaigns for such brands as Coca-Cola, Domino's, Nintendo, Toshiba, Chevy and many more.

Farrand served as the showrunner, co-writer and director of all 28 episodes of the original TV series Head Case (Starz) – starring Alexandra Wentworth. Jason produced and directed all 10 episodes of the NBC comedy “In Gayle we Trust”

Farrand’s casts commonly hail from the stages of the UCB theater and Groundlings and has worked with a vast array of celebrity talent including Jerry Seinfeld, Chelsea Handler, Jeff Goldblum, Janeane Garofalo, Tom Sizemore, Alanis Morrissette, Fred Willard, Rosanne Arquette amongst many others. His numerous sketch-work can be seen on Funny or Die.

Jason has pitched and sold Tv shows to Comedy Central, VH-1, NBC and Starz networks. He is represented for commercials & content by innovative NY creative studio BUNKER ( Farrand is a member of both the DGA & WGA.

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