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LIVE BOYS - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Birgit Großkopf

Germany, 2002, 12 min

Festival Year:2003

Category:Narrative Short

WINNER: Spirit Award

Cast:Camilla Rentschke, Katharina Schüttler, Armin Dillenberger

Crew:Screenwriter: Birgit Großkopf - Editor: Nina Caspers, Birgit Grosskopf - Cinematographer: Randa Chahoud, Tanja Trentmann - Original Score: Stefan Maria Schneider - Sound: Tobias Bechler, Hendrik Lühdorf

Sales:Cristina Marx, Publicist - German Film-and Television Academy Berlin (dffb), Potsdamer Str. 2 10785 Berlin Germany - T: ++49-30-257 59 152 - F: ++49-30-257 59 162


On a hot summers day two teenaged girlfriends skip school and escape boring suburbia by playing a special game: they ride in cars with men and try to humiliate them by using pornographic language. Both feel invincible and think they can always count on each other. Then they meet Horst, a driver who is an equal match, and their harmless game takes a terrible turn as their vulnerability comes to the surface. Suddenly their friendship is exposed to more than it can bear.

About the director

Birgit was born in 1971 in Cologne, Germany. From 1990-93 she worked as a waitress in the Philharmonic Hall in Cologne, while acting at the Cologne Fringe Theatre. From 1993-96 she was a student of Film and Drama at Reading University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts. She also taught German at a London Language School for managers. Since 1996 she has been a student of Directing at the German Film and Television School in Berlin. She has been working as a reader for film production companies, since 1998.

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