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Love bubbles - still #1
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Love bubbles

NY Premiere

Director: Marcel Hobi

Switzerland, 2023, 8 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024


Crew:Writer: Marcel Hobi. Producer: Marcel Hobi. Animation and Backgrounddesign: Joana Toste; design, inbetweening, inking & painting: Marcel Hobi; sounddesign and sound mix: Peter Braeker, Oscar van Hoogevest; music: Mario Batkovic; music engineering: Nicola Jannuzzo


Floating on a pink cloud as a couple is easy. It is much more difficult to cope with everyday life and the future together - an amusing relationship drama.


About the director

Marcel Hobi was born in 1963 in Uzwil, Switzerland. Since 2001 he works as animation filmmaker and producer. His films were shown at many international film festivals like Annecy, Palm Springs, Hong Kong.

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