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Chroma Wheel

East Coast Premiere

Director: Zechen Li

China, United States, 2023, 8 min

Festival Year:2024


Crew:Animation: Zechen Li; Animation Coloring Assistants: Eujin Kim, Tao Tao; Storyboards & Layout: Zechen Li; Background Art: Andrea Ye; Editing & Compositing: Zechen Li; Editing Assistant: Tao Tao; Sound Design: Zechen Li; Voice Acting: Zechen Li, Arti Tefo; Mixing Support: Yiyi Liu; Music Composers: Sonia Mohan, Shannon Lin, Zechen Li; Special Thanks: Chris Sullivan, Joel Benjamin, Nick Ian Flaherty


Chroma Wheel explores the personal journey of art creation and the various emotions that come with it. The story follows a protagonist who experiences creative blocks in a bizarre world, where emotions transition from confusion to excitement and ultimately find harmony.


About the director

Zechen Li is an animation filmmaker and sound designer based in Chicago and Beijing. He was born in Beijing, China and received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2023. His animated shorts have been showcased among various film festivals and events, including Chicago Filmmakers, Malt Adult, American Illustration - American Photography (AI-AP), Animation Dingle and Tietê International Film Awards.


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