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I Already Went

US Premiere

Director: Allegra Oxborough

United States, 2023, 4 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short

Genres:Comedy, Sci-fi

Cast:Heather Martin, Lorelye Johnson, Laith Hoffarth, Ali Alownle

Crew:Writer: Allegra Oxborough. Producers: Rafaela Sanchez, Grant Cutler.


'I Already Went' is a bleak comedic satire set in a not-so-distant future, where our craving for convenience is at an all-time high.


About the director

Allegra Oxborough is a filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. Their 2018 docu-fiction short, “Distance,” was praised by for its “intoxicating ability to capture private conversations with dead-on accuracy,” and by Short of the Week for “Amazing performances and direction.” Oxborough’s recent film works have screened at festivals and museums worldwide, including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Fotofilm Festival in Istanbul, and Paris Film Week. Allegra’s forthcoming feature documentary “Forms of Balance” focuses on the relationship of father-son cybernetics artists Wen-Ying and London Tsai, and won finishing funds from the Bermant Foundation in 2023. "Blue Green Music," Oxborough’s debut narrative feature film, was shot in 2022 on-location in the US and Denmark, with support from The Artists Association of Nantucket, Beast Gallery, and Montello Foundation. Their newest short film “I Already Went” will premiere in May 2024 at Vienna Shorts. View Allegra’s work on No Budge.

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Filmmaker's note

Stemming from a dream I had in early 2023, 'I Already Went' explores our modern mania for convenience. Despite its dark core, the film is a playful and a highly collaborative work - the result of many hands, voices, and minds coming together.

'I Already Went' stars Heather Martin, known as the Bachelor contestant who had her first kiss on broadcast television. Casting Heather was an ode to my love of reality TV, and to my lifelong susceptibility to the cunning manipulation of advertising. I'm also grateful to real-life dad and daughter Laith Hoffarth and Loreleye Johnson - debuting their acting chops here.

I brought in Eliot Krimsky to arrange and play the Dampers tune, and a dozen close friends with kids contributed their voices for our jingle choir.

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