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Director: Félix Olivier

France, 2002, 90 min

Shooting Format:DVCam

Festival Year:2003

Category:Narrative Feature

WINNER: Best Actor Female

Cast:Tammy Trull, Jaime Tirelli, Gabriel Salvador, Blanca Camacho

Crew:Producer: Yannick Bernard - Screenwriter: Felix Olivier, Richard Schlesinger - Editor: Yen Le Ven, Sophie Bousquet Foures - Cinematographer: Richard Dallet - Original Score: Manu Chao

Sales:Valerie Grandury, Producer - Odessa Films, 8606 Allenwood Rd Los Angeles CA 90046 - T: 323 656 8595 - F: 323 656 8596


Venus is a 15 year-old Latina who is growing up in a foster home in the Spanish section of Harlem. Mistakenly arrested by the police and held overnight, she befriends a gang member, Juanita. When she returns home her furious guardian doesn't give her a chance to explain. Venus runs away from home vowing never to return. Coming of age, she struggles to make it on her own and stumbles into a path of violence and misdeeds. Torn between gang life and her young innocent soul, she seeks truth and a better life. Along the way, she meets Ralph, an undercover cop who becomes the father she never had. A murderous hold-up at an all night Bodega forces her to choose her destiny.


About the director

Félix Olivier has been working in New York and Europe as an assistant director on many independent films and television programs, including "Nightline" and "America Most Wanted." Olivier is the recipient of the French Writer's Guild Beaumarchais Prize, Canal Plus 1994 short film prize, as well as awards at the Montecatini and San Francisco Film Festivals, for his work as both writer and director of documentaries. All Night Bodega, is Felix Olivier's first feature film.

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