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US Premiere

Director: Mocong Yuan

United Kingdom, 2024, 6 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024


Genres:Drama, Narrative, Metaphor

Crew:Writer: Mocong Yuan. Sound Design: Mocong Yuan; Shading/Coloring Assistants: Sunny X. Sun, Luao Liu, Maria Moran, Uno Xiahou, Peiying Wang


A woman's life has been turned upside down ever since she noticed those strange floating strings in her sight.


About the director

Mocong 'Mo' Yuan is a filmmaker, animator and visual development artist currently based in London.

Before coming to the Royal College of Art to pursue her MA degree in Experimental Animation, Mo received a BFA (Hons) degree in 2D Animation from the School of Visual Arts, New York City.

Her bachelor's degree film Cosmos Express (2019) was made an official selection in film festivals around the world, including London International Animation Festival, Raindance Film Festival and National Film Festival for Talented Youth. It received a prize for Character- based Animation Short at Los Angeles Animation Festival, and was nominated for Best Character Design at Beijing Film Academy Animation Awards. Her first-year film at the Royal College of Art, Catastrophe (2022), has been shortlisted for BFI Future Film Festival in 2023.

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Filmmaker's note

'Floaters' is a personal and fantastical interpretation of living with posterior vitreous detachment, known as floaters in the eyes. The subject matter serves as a self-reflecting discussion over the transient balance when conventional pain nurtures your creativity, as well as the dilemma of whether to embrace your difference or to assimilate.

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