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When the Sun Explodes

World Premiere

Directors: Davis Diamond and Skyler Diamond

United States, 2024, 23 min

Festival Year:2024


Genres:Adventure, Comedy, Cartoon, Psychedelic, Animation

Cast:Davis Diamond, Skyler Diamond, Theo Friesen, Ronald Peabody, Rip Zinger, Sara Davis, Griffin Shepard, The Plant

Crew:Director: Davis Diamond and Skyler Diamond. Writers: Davis Diamond, Skyler Diamond, Tamra Davis, Cara Stricker, Stephanie Collinge. Producer: Tamra Davis. Executive Produced: VERY NICE PERSON; Animator: Hanja Pua


"When the Sun Explodes" is a 5-song EP and animated mini-series by Very Nice Person. The story starts in Malibu, California, when the sun suddenly explodes and takes the main characters, Davis & Skyler, on a quest to bring it back and restore balance on Earth. They travel through different dimensions, gaining powers and meeting guides to help them along the way. Dialogue is shown through speech bubbles, and there are no voices in the series, just music. Plants communicate in a unique hieroglyphic language. Each episode reflects the lyrics and energies of the songs. Stems of the tracks are used to create interludes that provide insight into the mission. The series takes an imaginative approach in exploring an animated world dominated by industrialization, highlighting the consequences of overlooking nature and the negative impact it has on society. This project merges music and animation to highlight the EP and present an engaging story in a unique and creative way.

About the directors

Davis Diamond - 2022-2024 Davis and Skyler worked together to create an animated series that would accompany their 5 song EP titled, When The Sun Explodes. This is their first film as directors and they enlisted the help of seasoned director Tamra Davis and Cara Stricker to help guide them on their animated journey. Davis and Skyler are best known as members of the band Very Nice Person. Very Nice Person composed music for the 2023 Levi's campaign and Aries clothing campaign. They used the money they made from these commercials to hire animater Hanja Pua to visualize their story that would be set to their EP. Their first single When The Sun Explodes was featured on the The Birdsong Project Album that won the 2023 Grammy for Best Compilation Record.

Skyler Diamond -

Filmmakers' note

Instead of making a normal music video for our music we wanted to do something different for our EP. We created When the Sun Explodes, an accompanying animated mini series that provides a visual counter part for the music.

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