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Who were you in new york - still #1

Who were you in new york

US Premiere

Director: Stella Rea

Brazil, United States, 2024, 14 min

Shooting Format:Digital, VHS

Festival Year:2024


Genres:Drama, Experimental

Cast:Luísa Galatti, Stella Rea

Crew:Writer: Stella Rea. Producer: Luísa Galatti. Cinematography: Topher Maz


"who were you in new york" proposes a dive into memories and wishful thinking through Sofia's journey in a trip that allows her to imagine who her mother was when in New York.

About the director

Stella Rea is a Brazilian actor, producer, writer and director based in New York. She holds a BFA in Acting from Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena and has been awarded a merit based scholarship for the Contemporary Theatre and Performance Masters Program at The New School (2023-2026).

She has worked in several projects throughout her career, in film and theater, both in the US and in Brazil. As of late, she is associate producer to the documentary "Flowers from the Front Line" (2023 -, produced and directed by Carmela Corbett), which deals with artists in Ukraine during the war; and producer and assistant director to the play "Unconditional" (dir. Hannah Ryan, to be premiered in NYC, 2024).

Filmmaker's note

"who were you in new york" is my first venture in writing and directing for film. Loosely inspired by Roland Barthe's "Mourning diary", the film is a sensorial experience. It's a quest that amounts to no answer, as to each it could have a different one. An extremely low budget project, "who were you in new york" has become to me a reminder that inevitably we're bound to face pain if we love someone. And we'll feel pain in every single thing that reminds us of them, until they become our own.

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