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World Premiere

Director: Esther Casas Roura

United States, Spain, 2024, 12 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024


Genres:Drama, Imaginary, Women

Crew:Writer: Esther Casas Roura. Producers: Esther Casas Roura, Juan Carlos Concha. Music Soundtrack: Phil Servati; Sound design and recording: Neil Benezra; Animation: Pepe Mansuy, Tanya Bolotnova, Arturo Hernández Correas, April Lee, Jorge Duran; Background Painters: Solomon Carreiro, Emily Hartana, Hannah Kim, Francesco Morici, Alice Tagliapietra


FLOCKY is an animated allegory navigating pregnancy, exploring the connection between a mother and her unborn child. Set in a melancholic and enchanting world, the film beautifully captures the essence of love, and the poignant nature of loss.


About the director

Esther Casas Roura is celebrated as a versatile filmmaker known for seamlessly blending metaphorical storytelling with animation, a hallmark of her unique cinematic style. Transitioning from a career in cancer research in Barcelona, Spain, she discovered her true passion in art and filmmaking, moving to New York in 2000. Esther emerged as a skilled animation writer, director, and producer. With expertise in stop-motion, traditional animation, and motion graphics, Esther founded Claymaniak Studios in 2008, producing acclaimed films and commercial spots. Her debut short film, "Check Date: An Underdog Love Story" premiered globally in Oscar-qualifying film festivals, while her second film "Creamen" (2013), co-produced with Charged studios, won over 12 international awards and screened at 100+ prestigious festivals around the globe. Esther's latest project, "Flocky" (2024), a poignant 2D-animated short film focusing on pregnancy and loss, is eagerly awaiting its premiere.

Esther is currently working on her first feature film, which represents the culmination of her career, as it merges her dual backgrounds as a research scientist and storyteller. With a strong scientific component embedded within its narrative, this feature embodies her lifelong dedication to blending art and science through the transformative medium of animation.

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Filmmaker's note

My filmmaking is a reflection of my diverse background, merging a professional past as a molecular biologist with a passion for art and filmmaking. The intersection of the scientific and artistic realms has been a compelling force in my work. Beyond the empirical lens of a scientist, I ventured into a more expressive realm to convey my observations of the world in a metaphorical way. My films embody a unique perspective that stems from my diverse background and eclectic approach to storytelling and are driven by a dual passion—for addressing societal concerns and for the craft itself. With a deeply immersive, personal approach, I explore various topics using traditional and stop-motion animation. Engaged in every technical aspect, I oversee the entire production process, from screenwriting and character development to animation and editing.

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