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World Premiere

Director: Mehrdad Kabiri

Iran, 2023, 15 min

Shooting Format:Digital, ARRI Alexa

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short


Cast:Maziar Seyedi, Yazdan Kokabi Saba, Shahrooz Aghaie Poor, Mohsen Bani Hashemi

Crew:Screen Play: Mehrdad Kabiri, Producer: Mehrdad Kabiri, Executive producer: Akram Poor Farzaneh, DOP: Adib Sobhani, Edit: Nafiseh Sadeghian, Music: Aben Faraz, Sound Recordist: Masih.H.Seraj. i.s.c, Sound Designer: Ramin Abousedgh, Set & Costum Designer: Behnam Motamedi, Make Up Supervisor: Jalal Amiri, Production Manager: Ramin Goudarzi, Programmer & First Assistant Director: Marzieh Akbar Nezhad, Color Correction: Farbod Jalali, Stills Photographer: Nafiseh Sadeghian, Poster & Trailer Designer: Saeed Naghiloo


Amir is a student who is humiliated by the school administrator because of the situation he is in. This incident leads to his transformation...

About the director

He has a bachelor's degree in theater direction from Tehran Faculty of Art and Architecture.

He chose to study theater in order to study dramatic works and try different experiences in the field of writing.

After several years of training, he made his first short film called "Injection".

Then he made other films independently in a few years.

Finally, he made the short film "Gosfand" independently in the most difficult social conditions in Iran. A film which, according to the filmmaker himself, is the result of his years of experience and effort, and in terms of the theme, it is the result of a social uprising.

Filmmaker's note

I have always been interested in the nature of human relationships, and often this point creates the main spark of writing in me. Usually, many ideas come to the mind of a filmmaker, so that in the first place, all of them are very attractive to him. But with the passage of time and working on ideas, it becomes clear which one is the real concern of the filmmaker world. An idea worth spending a few years of your life on (and turning it into a movie).

My interest in storytelling led me to study drama years ago to gain more knowledge about drama. In the cinema (short film), I am still looking for cinematic narration of stories and storytelling.

As stories do not show the real world to the audience; They show the world of the story. The fictional world is not a copy of real life. Life is as humans imagine it could be.

It is human life that has been compressed and intensified to bring the audience to a better understanding of how life works.

With these definitions, we are faced with the real world and the world of fiction, the world of fiction originates from the real world and at the same time has its own components. In real life, people think, decide and act under the influence of the conditions imposed on them by society.

This issue can be effective in forming a collective spirit about various issues in the society. Collective spirit can be positive or negative. Like the type of performance of people in a society with economy, justice, freedom and...

There are always many examples in the cinema where the characters of the story undergo changes in their lives due to social conditions and they are forced to make decisions and act on them.

This performance can have positive and negative consequences for the society. But the issue that is of particular importance is the change of the personality itself. Showing this change of personality causes a flip in the audience's way of thinking.

Also, another issue in this regard is how much the person or character was affected by the circumstances in which he was placed. This amount of character's involvement in the choice of his personal life may be very little, but it is as if he is bound to accept those conditions.

Of course, the important part of the story is here that even though the character is in his life conditions and the challenges imposed on him by the influence of social conditions, he must pay for those conditions himself.

Social cinema can define virtue and perfection for the audience or show what doesn't work with a negative view. Show them beauty and a picture of the future or what looks beautiful but is actually ugly and stupid.

Now, with the language of cinema, we can deeply understand different cultures. How do people deal with the challenges they face?

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