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Knightlights & Teddy Bears - still #1

Knightlights & Teddy Bears

NY Premiere

Director: Mackenzie K.

United States, 2023, 12 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024


Genres:Action, Fantasy, Animation

Cast:Vivian Reed, Ariel Bastida, Denis Tarasov

Crew:Writer: Mackenzie K. Wertman. Producers: Mackenzie K. Wertman, Yessenia I. Calderon, Dennis Potamianos, Denis Tarasov, Martin Moreno. Animators: Yessenia I. Calderon, Cassandra Silverman, Christina Alvarez, Crystal Pineda, Veronica "Ronni" Nestaval, Maddie Billok, Jade Winney; Editor: Samantha Dunlap; Sound Department: Dennis Potamianos, Joel A. Ortiz; Cinematography: Josue A. Ortiz; Art Department: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hopwood, Celina Garduno, Kristine Ragasa; Music Department: Ethan Lawrence, Timothy Kok, Mike Slowey


When the children go to sleep at night and the parents are away, it's the knightlights and teddy bears who keep the monsters at bay.

About the director

Mackenzie K. Wertman is a graduate of Full Sail University, where she pursued her bachelor's degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. She specializes in works of adventure, fantasy, and romance. Wertman is signed to Lazy Lion Publishing and to Silverline Comics. Wertman also owns an entertainment event business called "Pennsylvania Dinosaurs LLC," which features dinosaurs of her own design.

Filmmaker's note

Mackenzie hopes to bring new life into story-telling in a world of reboots and remakes.

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