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Clawlolo (Gramophone) - still #1
Clawlolo (Gramophone) - still #2
Clawlolo (Gramophone) - still #3

Clawlolo (Gramophone)

US Premiere

Director: Alexey Alexeev

Cyprus, 2024, 4 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024


Crew:Producer: Lucy Tsoy. Character design: Alex and Ivan Alexeev. Production company: Rymanco Ventures.


"The Gramophone" is an animated short and joyful non-dialogue children's musical being part of the "Clawlolo" series for children that originated from the imagination of twin brothers from Hungary six years ago when they were just 10 years old.


About the director

Alexey Alexeev is a director, art director, animator, scriptwriter, composer, and editor. He was born in Moscow in 1965. He studied animation and later worked at Moscow's Studio Pilot. He then served as Creative Director at Varga Studio and Studio Baestarts in Budapest. As a director, he oversaw TV pilots and series, including Mr. Bean, Kipper, Baby Blues, and others. Alexey produced the animated series Log Jam (based on his animated short KJFG No.5) at Studio Baestarts, in coproduction with Nickelodeon UK. It was sold to Canal Plus France and Nickelodeon International for worldwide distribution. His animated shorts have won more than 70 prizes at festivals around the world, including Annecy 2008/2009, Hiroshima, KAFF, Zagreb, Seoul, NY, Chicago, and more. Alexey has served as jury member for more than 25 international festivals, including Hiroshima, Utrecht, Stuttgart, Annecy, and others.


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