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FRICTION - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Robert Ellmann

Czech Republic, 2002, 39 min

Festival Year:2003


Cast:Uncle Fester, Zuzana Simkova, Robert Pergl, Helena Balintova, Katka Balintova

Crew:Producers: Ellmann, Pergl, Czech TV - Screenwriter: Robert Ellmann, Steve Preisler - Editor: Malcolm Smith, Robert Sochorec - Cinematographer: Antonin Weiser - Original Score: Pavel Rejholec - Sound: Pavel Rejholec - Asst. Director Robert Sochorec - Chief Animator: Petr Svarovsky

Sales:Robert Ellmann, Korunni 79, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic - T: 420602342816


Friction is a 3d animated parable about a mad scientist from green bay whose books have recently affected the political order

About the director

Ellmann was educated at Oxford and Cambridge and now resides in Prague, where he is completing two feature film scripts ("Habsburgs in the Hood" and "Twice Upon a Time") and practices law as his film schedule allows.

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