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World Premiere

Director: Melissa Garry

United States, 2002, 7 min

Festival Year:2003

Category:Documentary Short

Crew:Producers: Stephanie Walter Williams, John C. Williams - Editor: Melissa Garry & John C. Williams - Cinematographer: Melissa Garry, John C. Williams - Original Score: E. James Smith - Sound: Melissa Garry

Sales:John Williams, Prospect Park YMCA Teen Filmmaking Program - Prospet Park YMCA, Teen Filmmaking Program 357 Ninth Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 - T: 718-965-1646 - F: 718-965-1646

Email:john AT


Diagnosed with lung cancer, Joan Garry has made a startling choice. Melissa documents how her family has reacted to this painful news, as well as her own sadness and conflicted feelings

About the director

Melissa Garry is a junior at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn.


This film was produced as part of "Reel Stories - Prospect Park YMCA Teen Filmmaking Program".

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