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1/2 THE RENT - still #1


(1/2 MIETE)
US Premiere

Director: Marc Ottiker

Germany, 2002, 91 min

Shooting Format:DVCam

Festival Year:2003

Category:Narrative Feature

WINNER: Best Screenplay

Cast:Stephan Kampwirth, Doris Schretzmayer, Sven Pippig, Sandra Borgmann

Crew:Producers: Ute Schneider, Wim Wenders - Screenwriter: Marc Ottiker - Editor: Achim Seidel - Cinematographer: Stefan Runge - Original Score: - Sound: Ralf Hamann - Setdesign: Birgit Esser

Sales:Ute Schneider - Road Movies Factory, Hildeboldplatz 15-17 50672 Köln Germany - Tel: +49(0)221-126 009 96 - Fax: +49(0) 221-126 00 97


For the past few years Peter has been completely occupied with computers and hacking confidential codes. In the process he has lost all reference to reality and has also not realized that Julie, his significant-other, is falling deeper and deeper into an addiction to pills. One morning he finds her dead in the bathtub. Paralyzed from the shock, he leaves Berlin as though in a trance. Coincidence brings him to Cologne where he starts living a shadowy existence in other people's apartments without the knowledge of the master tenants. Once again just a secret invader, although only by analogy, he is protected from the memories that haunt him and the faces that his guilty conscience produces. Gradually he finds the path to true communication and sincere grieving

About the director

1967 born in Zürich

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