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East Coast Premiere

Director: Allan Steele

United States, 2003, 6 min

Festival Year:2004


Cast:Andy Pertzborn, Tom Sorem, Jim Richardson, Melissa Carter, Dyche Alsaker

Crew:Editor: Christopher Murrie - Music by: the Residents, The Dolomites, Justin Thrope - Sound: Jamie Haggerty

Sales:Allan Steele, Portland, Oregon - T: 503-998-9175


The story revolves around Lester, a skinny kid who lives with his rat in an abandoned car underneath the freeway overpass. On this epic journey he makes friends with a pair of rainbow trout, spots Waldo on a Spaghetti O's can, finds guidance in the gutter and meets our country-fried president. His hallucinations, dreams and fragmented half-truths go full circle when he returns home to his Starsky & Hutch styled 71 Ford Torino.

About the director

Allan Steele was born with a head full of noodles and powdered cheese. After graduating at the top of his high school continuation class he sampled several legitimate jobs before he found art and filmmaking. Years of watching network TV and reading the backs of cereal boxes oozed through the holes in his head to round out his education. After realizing that he was living in the great suburbian sprawl of doom he moved to Lake Tahoe where he skied during the day and worked late into the night making kooky films. Eventually He got tired of being broke and ugly so he took a job at Vinton animation studio in Portland Oregon. Here he brought to life the M&M spokes candies, 3 musketeers, weinersnitzel hot dog and other characters for lunch money. Currently he is creating Bean With Bacon Soup, a short film starring characters based on trash. The ugly part is a work in progress.

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