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DENSE DEATH - still #1


(Morte Densa)
NY Premiere

Director: Jurandir Muller & Kiko Goifman

Brazil, 2003, 55 min

Shooting Format:16mm

Festival Year:2005

Category:Documentary Feature

Crew:Producer & Screenwriter: Claudia Priscilla - Editor: Diego Gozze - Cinematographer: Christian Saghaard - Music: Nick Cave and Bad Seeds

Sales:Juliana Faria c/o Synapse-Brazil, Rua Benjamin Batista, 34/302 Zip Code: 22461-120, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil - T: 55 21 2537 1211 - F: 55 21 2537 4876


Differently from this serial killer movie craze we see spread all over the world, the main purpose of this documentary is to reveal the meaning of death for those who have once killed somebody in a certain moment of their lives. Murderers of just one corpse. Collect sincere statements of people who killed "just once". From this, we intend to discuss qualitative issues generated by the act. The density of this murder and its consequence for the history of a certain person's life.

About the director

Kiko Goifman: filmmaker and anthropologist / master in multimedia Unicamp (sponsored by Ford fund).
Jurandir Muller: filmmaker and artist.

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