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JANE DOE - still #1


NY Premiere

Director: Kramer O'Neill

Germany, 2004, 5 min

Shooting Format:DVCam

Festival Year:2005

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Xachil Schatz, Ralf Arndt

Crew:Producers: K. O'Neill, Christian Wehrle - Cinematographer: Christian Wehrle - Sound: Alice Lovejoy

Sales:Kramer O'Neill - Brooklyn, NY - T: 646 591 5728


A young woman returns home after a hard day at work...

About the director

Kramer O'Neill is a New England native who now lives in Brooklyn. He has worked extensively in editing, design, and documentary sound recording in New York and Berlin.


Director Kramer O'Neill will be available for Q&A after the screening.

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