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TRANSIT - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Bani Khoshnoudi

France, 2004, 30 min

Shooting Format:Super 16

Festival Year:2006

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Habib Sadat, Ava Farhang

Crew:Producer: Christie Molia - Screenwriter: Bani Khoshnoudi - Editor: Farid Kada - Cinematographer: Meyar Al-Roumi - Original Score: Andy Moor and Yannis Kyriakides - Sound: Cedric Baume

Sales:Bani Khoshnoudi - Paris, France


On the road to England, Arya, a young Afghan boy, crosses Europe's borders with other exiles. Near Italy he is separated from the group and sent by smugglers towards Paris where he is placed in a small "transit" room. This is where Arya meets Khorshid, a young girl who has lost her family on the road and now lives victim to the desires of the smugglers.

About the director

Bani Khoshnoudi was born in Tehran. She studied film at the University of Texas in Austin, where she made experimental shorts and documentaries. Today she lives in Paris where she has made both documentaries and short films, as well as creating a network with filmmakers in Tehran. She is currently working on a feature film project that takes place in Iran.


Bani Khoshnoudi will be available for Q&A after the screening.

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