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HURT - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Phillip Crawford & Matthew Priestly

Australia, 1999, unknown length

Shooting Format:16mm

Festival Year:2001

Category:Documentary Short

Cast:Alf Smith, Chris Callow, Paul Muldoon, Amy Denham, Todd Boggs

Crew:producers: BIG hART, The Omni Group - cinematographer: Patrick Burns - editors: Phillip Crawford, Jack Rath - original score: Simon Ayton, Phil Okerstrom, Damian Mason, Shelly Atkins, Kim Bush, Jason Schatz

Sales:Lisa Pieroni / Australian Film Institute: T +61 3 9696 1844 - F +61 3 9696 7972


Hurt is a docu-drama like no other. 250 young Australians from rural areas and small towns have been given the opportunity to tell their own stories, with their images, in their own words. Challenging, haunting and ultimately uplifting, Hurt recounts episodes in the lives of these young people whose faces have been marked with the lines of experiences beyond their years. Cruelty, beauty and isolation seen through young eyes. The cast and crew included 15 car thieves, 23 homeless young people and 9 young people with mental illness. There were 200 camera operators, 98 sound recordists and 85 performers. Hurt includes 50 portraits, 8 stories, 11 image based scenes, 3 songs, 2 docu-drama scenes, 2 comedy scenes and 1 connecting narrative.

About the director

BIG hART is an award winning Australian non-profit arts company that pilots arts based projects designed to re-engage marginalized people with their community.

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