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BUDDHA STYLE - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Jung-Hyun Yoo

Korea, 2005, 10 min

Shooting Format:35mm

Festival Year:2006

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Jung-Hyun Yoo

Crew:Producer: Sae-Hyung Young - Screenwriter: Jung-Hyun Yoo - Editor: Jae-Bin Han - Cinematographer: Tae-Young Han - Original Score: Han-Na Lee - Sound: Jae-Min Lee

Sales:Jung-Hyun Yoo, Seoul, Korea. - T: +82 16 644 1895


There is the monk of "bong-wha" temple who has much interest in hairdo thinking of the wig in the NIKE shoes box secretly as his the most important thing. He is considering of getting a perm for a dog he raises, so he is looking for a stylish perm hairdo. but he thinks there is any good hairdo for dog. In the meantime, he feel fascinated by the hairdo of the golden Buddha. He had his dog permed like golden Buddha. The monk who fall asleep all of a sudden... He meets Buddha in his dream.

About the director

Jung-Hyun Yoo studied Filmmaking at the "The Seoul Art College."

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