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MIRAGE - still #1


Director: Youngwoong Jang

United States, 2006, 9 min

Festival Year:2007


Crew:Original Score: HYUNIL LEE - Sound: HYUNJOO KEE

Sales:YOUNGWOONG JANG, New York, NY 10016 USA - T: 917-385-4999


MIRAGE is a story of a biomechanical robot who has to fill his glass chest with water in order to sustain his life. He must squeeze a small stem to produce water droplets which he takes into his glass chest. He continues to collect water droplets from small stems to huge stems. During this journey, the robot meets a fish. Both need water.


About the director

Youngwoong Jang is an award-winning product designer, exhibition planner and a 3D Artist. He is currently focusing on 3D animation not only as a lighting technical director at Blue Sky Studios, but also as an independent film maker in New York. Working primarily in the field of new media arts with 3D, his work explores the conjunction between the organic and the mechanical.

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