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NICO&TINA - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Rodolfo Pastor

Spain, 2007, 8 min

Festival Year:2008


Crew:Producer: Petra Steinmeyer - Editor: Cesc Muñoz - Original Score: Emiliano Pastor - Sound: Mario Martinez - Design: Petra Steinmeyer & Heather Tozer - Modeling: Heather Tozer - Digital FXs: Cesc Muñoz

Sales:Petra Steinmeyer, Producer - Estudio Rodolfo Pastor Productions, Marqués de Barberá 1, 1º2ª - 08001 Barcelona- SPAIN - T: +3493 3180314 - F: +34 93 317 6943


Nico and Tina are both hardened chain-smokers. They prepare themselves for a date while the tango, "Smoking Waiting," underscores the scene. The song describes the presumable delights of tobacco, yet the characters' dependence upon nicotine ruins their date.


About the director

Specialized in stop-motion techniques for 25 years, Rodolfo Pastor created numerous advertising films, animated TV pieces and series. His production company Estudio Rodolfo Pastor co-produced the internationally awarded "CAPELITO" series with NHK (Japan), CNDP/France 5 (France) and TVC (Spain). In 2007 he created the "Nico & Tina" short, the first piece of his "ANIMATANGO" project. At present ERP is developing a Capelito Christmas TV Special, as well as a feature film entitled "The Big Sneeze".

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