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World Premiere

Director: Sidse Carstens

Denmark, 2008, 10 min

Shooting Format:DigiBeta

Festival Year:2008


Cast:Otto Høgh Carstens, August Kjær Ibsen, Stille Dithmer Geest, Lena Noring Jensen, Charlie Gaugler

Crew:Producer: Charlie Gaugler - Screenwriter: Sidse Carstens - Editor: Martin Schade - Cinematographer: Kim Høgh - Original Score: Jesper Mechlenburg and Jason Luke - Sound: Rune Palving

Sales:Sidse Carstens, Trae film, Overbys Allé 8, DK 2500 Valby, Danmark

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The phrase window of opportunity may be defined as "a short period of time which may be acted on or missed completely." Four characters meet pinnacle moments in their lives, however subtle they may appear.


About the director

Sidse Carstens graduated in 2000 as animation director from The National Film School of Denmark. She lives and works as an artist and filmmaker in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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