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US Premiere

Director: Francois Begin & Miryam Bouchard

Canada, 2007, 6 min

Shooting Format:HDCAM

Festival Year:2008


Cast:Reynald Bouchard, Louise Lecavalier

Crew:Screenwriter: Miryam Bouchard - Editor: Francois Begin - Cinematographer: Jean-Pierre Gauthier - Original Score & Sound Editor: Tim Rideout - Sound: Serge Bouvier - Choreography: Louise Lecavalier - Art Director: Karine Bergeron

Sales:Julia Lauzon, Montreal (Quebec) Canada - T: (514) 840-8486

Email:infoloco AT


A woman becomes inspired to perform an enticing dance for a butcher who cuts roast beef.


About the director

Miryam Bouchard studied film production at the Concordia University. Her shorts and documentary films have been shown at countless festivals worldwide and received numeours awards. Francois Begin's passion for acting and the visual arts is deep rooted. He describes his work as touching on all forms of art from theater and improvisation to design and sculpture. After founding his own video production company, he later turned his focus to advertising. Bégin continues to explore documentary and short film formats.

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