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CHORD - still #1


NY Premiere

Director: Simon Rauh

Germany, 2008, 12 min

Festival Year:2009


Cast:Laia Duran Figols, Julia Szemro, Maura Morales

Crew:Executive Producer: Meli Schmidt - Cinematographer: Bastian J. Schiffer - Original Score: Simon Rauh - Sound: Ralf Schönwiese, Harald Guhn, Simon Rauh - Best Girl: Pascaline Peter

Sales:Simon Rauh, Producer - Hessen, Germany - T: +49 179 54 00 266


Nocturnal-blue figures move through a dark, abstract landscape, their motions jerky and sharply-awkward - animated sculptures as dream and trance-like inscapes of the living. Three dancers, formerly with the Staatstheater Darmstadt's company, are the protagonists of this surreal film. Its spell-binding allure stems from use of the pixilation technique, whereby the dancers dramatically slowed down their movements - to one step in two minutes - and the thousands of stills taken of them were composed into the alienating sequences we see. The result resonates as a 12 minute-long chord composed of movement, minimalist sound and shimmering colours; a mythical drama of archetypes "die Androgyne, die Weibliche, die Starke" [the androgynous, the feminine, the strong] (Simon Rauh). Yet for all its enigmatic nature, the film is steeped in the great cinematic mysteries of Departure, Discovery, Self-discovery; Danger and Suffering; Drama and Tragedy. An atmospheric nocturne, the film has a hypnotic, reverberating lure - and is aesthetically a delight.

About the director

Simon Rauh graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Germany.

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