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LEFT BEHIND - still #1


(Was übrig bleibt)
US Premiere

Director: Fabian Daub & Andreas Gräfenstein

Germany, 2008, 13 min

Shooting Format:DVCam

Festival Year:2009

Category:Documentary Short

Cast:Lukasz Sadlon, Jazek Borawsky

Crew:Executive Producer: Andreas Gräfenstein - Producer: Fabian Daub - Screenwriter: Fabian Daub & Andreas Gräfenstein - Editor: Fabian Daub & Andreas Gräfenstein - Cinematographer: Ulf Behrens - Assistant: Pavel Goc - Sound: Pablo Kilian - Music: Philipp Meiers - Grafic: Iris Mayer - Title Design: Vadim Schäffler

Sales:Fabian Daub - Hamburg, Germany - T: 0049 40 25 48 14 60 - F: 0049 40 25 48 14 62


In Waldenburg, situated in the Lower Silesian Coalfield, all mines are closed down. Lukasz and his elder friend Jacek have been digging coal at their own risk for several years now. Like hundreds of other former miners, they are illegally digging for the black gold on the outskirts of their city. The local police are constantly after them. The miners have also been trapped in the tunnels several times. But they keep going.


About the director

Fabian Daub, born in Aachen in 1972, is a Hamburg School of Arts Graduate.
Andreas Gräfenstein born in Bernburg in 1975, is also a Hamburg School of Arts Graduate.

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