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SALT IN THE SCARS - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Fiorella Castanotto

Switzerland, 2008, 17 min

Shooting Format:DVCam

Festival Year:2009

Category:Documentary Short

Crew:Executive Producer: Les Films du Lotus - Producer: Kamal Musale - Editor: Fiorella Castanotto - Cinematographer: Kamal Musale - Original Score: Peter Scherer - Sound: Fred Kohler

Sales:Fiorella Castanotto, Filmmaker - Les Films du Lotus - Vevey, Switzerland - T: +41219236361 - F: +41219236362


The saltpans of Marakanam in South India. While following Reena, a woman who earns her living collecting sea salt,viewers are challenged to consider the important stakes involved in this simple seasoning. Conceived as a documentary without dialogue or voice‐over, the film alternates moments of silence and natural sound, minimalist music and uncluttered shots. Presented like a piece of polyphonic music, the day spent collecting sea salt points up the link between this ingredient, an essential part of life and a fundamental component in thousands of industrial and chemical products, and the work performed by human beings.


About the director

A Swiss-Italian national, Fiorella Castanotto (Lausanne, 1968) is a graduate of the University of Lausanne with a Master in history, Italian, sociology and anthropology. Fiorella also obtained a Master's from Lausanne's Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale, focusing on society, science and technology. In the US, she completed her training in documentary filmmaking at Rockport Film College (Master's Program). She lives and works in Switzerland and India.

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